Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tail hook lengthener meets Campagnolo

I've finally had a crack at putting one of my Ali-express "Road-Links" on the Peugeot, which means I can get a decent gear range out of the Campy Nuovo Record rear derailer that I had lying about. It works really well. Its not an outrageous range, 13-30, but it may go bigger, I haven't tried it yet. I'm pretty sure I saw one shifting to a 42 tooth on Instagram one day, but don't quote me...

My Peugeot is from the 70's so its drop-out is not normally compatible with a Campy derailer, hence the "Road-link" which I would rather hack about with, than the actual frame. I just ground off a bit of the tab with my electric drill and did it up good and tight.

Hopefully it will be a useful addition for Eroica Montalcino.