Thursday, May 14, 1998

crazy sh1te

Tune vs Hope Semi-pro not-at-all eliteist wheels.

Saturday, January 24, 1998


Ok, so I bought a new plastic bike, a so-called "quiver killer'". Now I need to start divesting myself of some of my current bikes. The cross bike is gone, next is the Bike-packing bike.

It comes with several names, The Cut-price Cutthroat, or the Giant Revolt-ing.
Based on a Giant XTC 29er it comes with MOST of what you might need for pointy-ended Bike-packing.
SP Dynamo hub (the best early QR one).
Revolution Dynamo Light.
USB-converter for charging devices (from Sinewave).
A K-Lite wiring harness for switching from lights to charging.
Carbon front fork
Carbon XTC Frame, sized ?
Durace 10 speed shifters on Salsa Woodchipper bars
Avid BB7s, the best cable discs there are. Dead easy to tweak with no tools.
XT rear derailer, the BEST very robust one. No puny narrow bush on this model.
11-36 rear cluster.
Shimano 2x XT crank, 38/24 on a wheels manufacturing press-fit BB. Its been great from day one. No creaks. It must need new bearings one day I guess.
Saddle Specialized Henge.
Seat-post carbon Easton.
Frame bag - by Stealth
No pedals.
Stem. Generic

This a very robust build that it is also pretty light, Carbon frame/fork/seatpost with Durace shifters.

The dynamo shizzle alone here is a bargain. Currently the exact same thing is $445 (hub and light only) . The early SP (Shutter Precision) QR hubs like this have been the best ones. I got this one in 2015 and had it built into a DT Swiss rim. The whole thing has been fault-less.

The Sinewave USB converters are 220$ new.

For me, the Henge saddle is the next best thing that I have found to my Brooks B-17.

The Stealth Frame bag included is priced from $150. They are a great product. The gas-tank is NOT included. All you need to finish this rig off is a gas-tank, a seat-bag and front harness from Michael at Stealth, and you are set to go. The frame-bag IS included.

All of this gear has been tested on the 2016 Tour Aotearoa (except the frame), and the frames biggest outing was in Le Petit Brevet, but other than that, the gear hasn't seen all that much action, under me.

Artistic mode

High stem mode with the Stealth frame bag and fruity Compass Antelope Hill tires. 2 inch supple slicks.

Giant Revolt-ing mode. Much shorter fork, created some toe overlap !

In 3 inch KNARD-mode. I will throw in the Knard. Probably not the worlds fastest tire ; )

Artistic black and white mode.

Hill climb mode for an ascent of Mt Climbie.