Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Doping vet - All power to Garmin!

Wow. Look what happens when you get a life and stop hanging out on the forums. You miss all the news. Like Hilton McMurdo, the guy that smashed us at the 07 Masters World Track champs, getting busted for steroids. Good one Hilton. I kept wondering why I was getting referred hits from google on "Hilton McMurdo" and "positive drugs test". Obviously the info was leaked long before the announcement last week. I feel sorry for the people that travelled further than I did to compete against him. I guess that's good news for Marco Hellman (1st) , Kiwi Ray Dunstan (now 2nd) and Klaus from Denmark who goes up into 3rd. That was an epic pursuit between Ray and Klaus, but then there's another guy who never even made a ride-off because of Hilton. Sad isnt it that you feel you have to cheat, even as a vet. Link to the announcement.

The next thing I missed was the fact that Saris, the guys that make Power Tap are doing a version that is ANT + SPORT compatible with the Garmin GPS' models that read power. You'd have to be thinking along the lines of using a Garmin as it appears they are now compatible with the new Quarq, the Power Tap and the SRM. The Quarq started shipping last week, but I am guessing there will be a big waiting list, and their (Qranium) head unit is still in development.

I guess another thing I missed was that Garmin are now lead sponsors for Garmin/Chipotle. (That's pronounced chip-ote-lay, if you are a kiwi) what is supposedly the cleanest team in the peloton. There are some real nice-guys on this team. Julian Dean from NZ and the big Swede, Magnus Backstead, not to mention the seriously up and coming Tyler Phinney, teenage pursuit phenomenon from the US. The jury is still out on their uniforms tho.... maybe its true, cycling is the new golf, but does that mean we have to dress like them?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

NZ Cross champs - Great Divide - Memorial ride

Now here's something worth getting out of bed for!!
The NZ cyclo-cross champs. I just spied the link on VORB, Sept 7th. Not that I have a cross bike, but its always appealed to me for some reason. There are a few guys at work that keeping bringing up the idea (mostly americans), and I have also heard cheap talk about a Welly series, after the fun we had doing the short-course MTB series.

Check out Simon Kennetts blog for his progress in the 4000km Great Divide race. He had a bad belly for a while, but has recovered enough to keep moving forward. He has been riding with some crazy english single-speed chick!

The last two weeks have been pretty sad for if you were a cyclist in Wellington. Two riders were killed on the one day. One of them a high ranking police officer who had worked his entire life to bring down the road toll. And another a guy who was in the wrong place when someone opened a car door into him, forcing off and into the path of a 4WD.

A memorial ride was organised last week and between 300 and 400 riders rode from parliament buildings to the roundabout in Petone where Steve Fitzgerald was killed. A full police escort meant we were able to ride 3 abreast to keep the delays to the other traffic to a minimum. It was a great turnout for a sad occasion.

Cyclist killed outside Upper Hutt college

Top cop dies in crash (+video)