Sunday, February 02, 2014

Day brevet

Somehow we smacked out 199kms. Didn't go with Dave Sharpes break. Figured it was suicide! Did our own about 5kms later. Got away with Simon Kennett, Dave Drake and Steve. Dave flatted. Dropped Steve and caught Thomas on outskirts of Picton. Sweated heaps. Nathan Faave passed us while we bought some drink in gas station. Passed Cliff when was in Havelock 4 square. Only Dave and Nathan in front. Mangatapu climb was in good nick but the decent was really rough. Cliff caught Thomas and I on the way up and got away. As we hit the gates at Maitai, Steve, Dave Drake and Brian Alder caught us and took us too a Kebab house! Awesome meal. Currently bivvying in Wakefield domain. Warm and quiet.