Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wellington Centre Track Champs Feb 06

It was a fun weekend. I am still recovering actually. The first night was rained out with thunder and lightning so they shoe-horned the rest of the events into the next 2 days. I did the 8km points race, the 500m TT, the 3000m Inividual pursuit and the 5km scratch race - all Vet 2 (45+). I also ended up doing the open 20km points race.... a bit harder than racing at Vets level, but I managed to stay on the same lap anyway.
What did I learn? if you cant sprint with the best, (Malcom and Steve are pretty damn good) then go early! I also learnt that my gearing at the Track nats must have been waaaay out, cos I was only 1 second slower on the bumpy Wellington track for the 3000 metres (4.05). Thats 44km/h which doesnt sound that fast eh? I mean what does Sarah Ulmer do? 3.24 @ 52.93 kmh!!! Crikey!
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Me after the open 20km points race!