Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lowry Bay Ridge Track

We went for ride up above Wainuiomata today, on the old trails we used to do our lunch time runs on when our campus was at the bottom of the Wainui hill. The track from the top of the Wainui Hill to Mt Lowry is an awesomely rooted single track, and is a now fully legal ride. This was my first legal ride on the track and having full suspension (finally) was a blast in gaining traction control on the climbs. No way could I have ridden as much of it as I did on my hard tail. Cleetus was on his Gryphon 29er and was doing amazingly well for a rider who used to freak at this kind of technical riding. The only problem he had was when his 650cm wide bars couldnt fit between two trees! We did the descent off Rata Ridge and crossed over the road to find a whole bunch of new family oriented trails we never knew existed over by the Reservoir area. A great place to take the kids when you are tired of the Rimutaka Incline or the Pencarrow walk way.

OK, I know this video is very lame, but I was justing trying to see how it would look in HDI, I dont think my broad-band is fat enough to play it though.