Friday, February 05, 2010

The day before

Fun times on the straightsman with bill
B, jo, dave, gordon and matt. Lots of adventure racing tips.


Thats good, no thats bad!

I got up this morning to see if my front wheel had decided to "seal" properly. Its a Stans Raven running on Stans rims with Stans Latext sealant in it, so you dont need a tube, and no chance of pinch flats. It had lost air for the last couple of days and I was about to just stick a tube in it. But hey presto, it was up and looking good. Not so the rear! It was flat as, but it was running the normal tube/tyre combination. It turned out to be a patch on an old tube giving way. Phew. Better now than later.

Its a bit risky, but I decided to change my rear tyre from the old Michelin jet semi-slick I was using to a newer Specialized Captain Control. Its a lot heavier, but more robust and given that my bike fully-loaded is now more than 41 pounds it means I can descend with a bit less caution.

There was a great buzz at Jontys shop (Revolution cycles) last night where many of the Wellignton riders went in to pick up their spot trackers. It was interesting looking around at the different bikes. A lot of them on 700c wheeled cyclo-cross styled bikes, and very very few of them sporting suspension, front or rear!