Saturday, January 24, 1998

Singular Kite Cyclocross rig

For sale. A lovely Bike. My Singular Kite. A no nonsense fit for purpose Cyclocross bike which is also an awesome gravel grinder for all day adventures. It has forward sloping drop-outs for easy single-speed conversion as well. Sized medium.

It weighs in at  21.4 pounds - in race mode, with cages and Candy pedals on. (Race mode is with just the one chain ring and no front derailer). It has the normal wear and tear for a bike that gets plastered in mud for 2 months of the year.   TARDME page here >>

I have done two seasons of cross on this bike and it really is a nice bike.
I think the thin frame tubes stop it from picking up mud on all but the muddiest of courses.

Photo Craig Madsen
There are a couple of rough spots on the frame where I got some chain-suck once in a particularly muddy race, and another spot where I was tardy at strapping it to the bike rack. (See images at the bottom of the page).

Photo Mike Molony
This year I have run it with an older style rear XT derailler and a Revolution narrow-wide chain ring on the front, a 38. I only had one derailment in the whole season in the very worst of conditions. I have not had the rear derailer fouling/breakages  that people with road deraillers seem to get in CX races. This model derailler might look old but it is one of the most robust Shimano make and it also works with 10 speed Shimano Road shifters. The more recent Shadow styled deraillers are very fragile by comparison. There is a mod you can do to old style rear Shimano deraillers to increase the spring tension to make it more like a type-2 clutch one if you want. If you want to upgrade the drive-train cheaply I would suggest SRAM front shifters with a SRAM MTB clutch rear derailler as all the SRAM road and MTB stuff talks to each other, unlike Shimano (now). The rear cluster is 12-27. I will be selling the bike with a 34/50 compact chain-wheel set. (For adventure riding on ultra steep trails I recommend an 11-34 on the back).

The front brakes are cheap, but really good mini-vees, and collectible Critical Racing uber-cantis on the back. Way better than most cantis.

Rear brakes by Critical Racing from back in the day.

At the Hinakura 100 Gravel Grinder a while back.

Candys have a reputation for light weight and a need for maintenance. They are still the best pedal for Cyclocross in my book. As long as you only race on them and service them once a season. Still life left in these ones.

The saddle is a Specialized Phenom that was once ridden for 18 hours a day for 4 and a half days with no long-term botty-trauma that couldn't be cured by a weeks rest and some counselling. These are great saddles actually.

The seat-post is a bullet proof Thomson.

The cranks are uber-light FSA octa-link carbons with a durace BB.
These cranks have been very well used with at least two years of solid commuting but they are still solid-as. Don't  look at me like that, I didn't bore the holes in the chain rings! The front deralier is a no-name. No idea sorry.

Photo with my road wheels on, these wheels are NOT for sale.
Handlebars are the Salsa bell-lap. They measure 46cms wide to the outside of the bar and have a slight flare. The shifters are old, look a bit rough, but still fully functioning Ultegra (I think)  9 speed.

Stem is a well-used Tune. World class German Engineering.

This is how it is being sold. (Without the rear tail-light!)
The wheels are awesome. Tune hubs. The uber-lightweight german company, laced to Ambrosio Lightweight rims. These hubs are of the highest quality. The rear one has had two seasons of cross and the front one had been on my road bike for a few years. The free-hub on the rear is a bit older than that. The rear rim, one season, the front, no riding on it at all. I doubt there are any "usable" hubs that are lighter than Tunes, although these are by no means the latest models. The tires are Maxxis Raze 33s and I am pretty sure they have done two seasons but I cannot see ANY wear on them. They have NEVER been commuted on or ridden on the road, apart from warming up on before a race.

135mm wide rear Tune hub. Screw-on slow-release axels.

This is an out-of-the-box ready to roll competitive CX-bike or a comfortable all day gravel grinder.

I'm not sure why I am selling it. It's a very pretty and totally competitive bike, too many bikes I guess. If it doesn't sell I wont be sad.

Frame: Singular Kite 4130 tubing.
Size medium: 54 top-tube centre to centre, 52.5 seat-tube centre to centre. Official specs here with "effective distances" which appear a bit larger.
Bars: Salsa Moto Bell-lap
Shifters: 9 Speed, Ultegra or Durace. Not sure.
Stem: Tune
Hubs: Tune (Rear 135mm)
Rims: Ambrosio Excellight rims
Skewers: No-name slow-release
Saddle: Specialized Phenom 143
Seat post: Thompson Elite.
Derailler front: No name
Derailer rear: Old XT 9 speed (still 10 speed compatible)
Cluster: Ultegra 12-27
Crank: FSA Octa-link carbons, very light. 50/34 rings.
Bottom Bracket: Durace octa-link
Pedals: Crank bros Candys
Brakes front: XLC mini-vees. Awesome.
Brakes rear: Extra large cantis by Critical Racing (Retro collectors item but also very good).
Tires: Maxxis Raze 33mms. Great tires for Welly conditions.
Headset: Tioga

Here are the areas on the frame that look a bit rough.