Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a wrap

Its a wrap. 2010 is over. For the first time this year I think I can say I was actually starting to feel my age. As the work project I have been slaving over for last few years came to fruition, the heat was on, and I just did not have the energy to multi-task and still be able to race effectively.

It wasn't the sort of year I am used to, with a strict absence of "form" pretty much through out the whole year. With the exception of the completely awesome Kiwi Brevet, I think I had one race all year where I was even "average". Not that I didn't have a lot of fun.

Anything else was always going to come up short compared to the Brevet, but I had some great trips with Team Voodoo Lounge, and Sepp, Ed, Pete and Callum in building up to the Single Speed Worlds. I wouldnt have missed that for anything.

The change of emphasis on riding with buddies, over racing competitively has been quite different, and a lot of fun, and requires a lot less motivation. A cold beer and a good laugh seems to be as good a reward as anything else I can imagine right now.

I am back at work again already, without really having much of a rest, unless you can call pulling down your car-port a rest. I have snuck in a few rides and runs and have worked my way through 12 episodes of  "The Wire" and a few cool podcasts. Hopefully we can escape Welly a bit later on.

The tree was the only thing holding it up!

Who knows what 2011 holds in store, but I see the St James track has been opened up to MTBers.
That might be a nice ride.

The Pohutakawa above the bike shed was looking good this year.