Thursday, July 26, 2007

Assembling kit for Oz masters world track champs

I got an axle kit from HED, to convert this old screw-on clustered disc into a fixed wheel for the track. It worked a treat! It was easy as to set up. I havent tried it out yet, the velodrome is probably a bit slippery at the moment. Hmmm bugger.... have just found a flaw with the HED kit. It only has the one set of threads, and there is not much room for a lock-ring.... which means I cant use the clever Miche styled carrier system I just bought. You can slip a very thin lock-ring on if you are using standard cogs, but its threaded the same way anyway, so its just for decoration. A trick for young players.

My buddy Humpy has lent me his Raceline Record with Miche crankset, so that should be a bit faster than my old "Pex" . A couple of new chains and some bars and I should be rocking.

I will put a negative rise stem on to improve my cda. Its easier than making more watts. I have an idea on what kind of watts I will need to be competitive, and its another 70 watts over what I estimate I made at the nationals. I am not sure how easy it is to grow another 70 watts for 3kms but I will be monitoring my progress closely with the power tap.