Saturday, October 20, 2007

Report 2 from Sydney Masters Worlds

Male - 45 to 49 10km scratch race final

This race was a hell of a lot of fun. For a relative novice like me, bumping elbows at 50-60 kmh has its own kind of buzz.
I must have got spat at least twice but managed to bridge back again.
It was a completely different kind of pain from the pursuit. This race was stacked.
Of the 24 riders, 18 were Aussies! All the more interesting was that we could see Philippe Vernet from where Sepp and I were warming up on the rollers. He did not do ANY warm-up. While we circled in the call-up area he was still veged out on the seats.
It didnt stop him from appearing to win with ease.

1 Philippe Vernet (Fra)
2 Roberto Mattei (Ita)
3 Hilton Mcmurdo (Aus) (busted for doping)
4 Byron Tucker (Aus)
5 Sepp Hribar (NZl)
6 Warren Bennett (Aus)
7 Stephane Le Beau (Can)
8 Clint Mcdonell (Aus)
9 Claus Christiansen (Den)
10 Ricardo Pereyra (Arg)
11 Mark Harris (Aus)
12 Vicente Florio Zoric (Arg)
13 Craig Taylor (Aus)
14 Jeff Lyall (NZl)
15 Robert Upton (Aus)
16 Mark Arnold (Aus)
17 Geoffrey Willmot (Aus)
DNF Matthew Guggisberg (Aus)
DNF Glen Heuvel (RSA)
DNF Peter Holley (Aus)
DNF Stephen Joyce (Aus)
DNF Phillip Mcneill (Aus)
DNF Geoffrey Shaw (NZl)
DNF Peter Verhoeven (Aus)

Male - 45 to 49 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualification

This was the event I came over for. The 3000 metres pursuit.
With only one pursuit indoors under my belt I was hoping to break my record of 3.44.
I trained hard, by comparison to my eariler attempt for which I had 1 weeks notice.
It wasnt to be. The track cooled down after the first day and the speed just did not seem to be there.
One thing it brings home to me is the fact that the ILT Velodrome in Invercargill is actually damn fast. ILT is artifically heated, which it needs to be, if you know anything about the weather down there! Dunc Gray has an amazing eco-friendly heating system that is energy efficient but there is likely more variation in the track temperature and speeds. Taking this into account, Hilton McMurdos time is just amazing.(later busted for doping). World number 2 road time triallist Marco Hellman was there soley for the pursuit and also had a standout time.
The understated Claus from Denmark had to ride off against kiwi Ray Dunstan and Ray pushed it so hard that the tunnel vision had him dropping down the track at one stage, but he managed to pull it off getting the bronze, 1 second ahead of Claus.

The pursuiting highlight for me was seeing my clubmate Garry Humpherson smash the world record and win the gold in the 70 + mens pursuit. Gary had a childhood injury that left one of his legs shorter and half the size of his other leg, but at the age of 65 he was still doing sub-60 40km TTs.
He also made his own revolutionary aero-bars that look like they belong on a tractor and has been known to scrounge bits for his bike out of the recycling station.
He also made his own frame by chopping down a road bike.
Here is Garry's pursuit on Youtube.

1 188 Hilton MCMURDO AUS AUS19620202 52.02 3:27.616 (busted for doping)
2 174 Marco HELLMAN USA USA19610507 50.34 3:34.561
3 168 Claus CHRISTIANSEN DEN DEN19600331 49.22 3:39.423
4 170 Ray DUNSTAN NZL NZL19600930 49.11 3:39.917
5 187 Clint MCDONELL AUS AUS19600630 49.09 3:39.991
6 201 Stephane Le BEAU CAN CAN19590616 48.76 3:41.489
7 208 Peter VERHOEVEN AUS AUS19590508 48.54 3:42.494
8 203 Craig TAYLOR AUS AUS19610114 48.48 3:42.759
9 167 Nicholas CHADDERTON AUS AUS19610531 48.43 3:42.996
10 205 Byron TUCKER AUS AUS19610305 48.27 3:43.752
11 180 Brent KAY USA USA19620302 48.21 3:44.003
12 183 Jeff LYALL NZL NZL19611027 48.05 3:44.751
13 206 Robert UPTON AUS AUS19591225 47.76 3:46.135
14 165 Warren BENNETT AUS AUS19590905 47.41 3:47.817
15 162 Mark ARNOLD AUS AUS19600810 47.08 3:49.408
16 177 Sepp HRIBAR NZL NZL19610611 47.07 3:49.427
17 212 Vicente Florio ZORIC ARG ARG19590805 46.90 3:50.280
18 185 David MANN USA USA19600121 46.01 3:54.755
19 182 Niels-Henrik LAUGESEN AUS AUS19620807 45.04 3:59.775
20 207 James VAN GELDER AUS AUS19610202 43.48 4:08.394
21 204 Robert THOMPSON AUS AUS19590218 43.06 4:10.836
22 176 Peter HOLLEY AUS AUS19580603 42.96 4:11.394
23 198 David RUSSELL AUS AUS19611020 42.83 4:12.180
24 199 Geoffrey SHAW NZL NZL19580428 40.08 4:29.441
25 210 David WHISH AUS AUS19581016 39.05 4:36.562
DSQ 192 Andrea NERI ITA ITA19590107 DSQ