Friday, June 08, 2012

We don't know how lucky we are

The other day Cleetus asked me if I had any photos of the local trails that we ride and run on around Welly, for sending to some of his international cohorts. I had to admit that I didn't, so when we went out for a long run on Queens Birthday monday he took his camera and we did some videoing. Apparently having "wilderness" this close to an urban environment, especially with man made trails on, is unheard of overseas. I guess we are spoilt for choice and dont even know it. 

When I was working at Gracefield, heading up the Wainuiomata Hill and along the ridge to Mt Lowry was one of my favourite lunch time runs, ripping along through the Beech Forest. If you hung a left at the top of the Wainui Hill then you could keep climbing (running) for 22 minutes. Thats real value for money training in my book. Of course, since we moved my work campus from Gracefield to Avalon (2kms from my house), they have built the incredible Wainuiomata Trail Park. Bad timing for me.

We headed up into the Hills above Eastborne on an awesomely steep out and back course. 677 metres in 10 kms. I love that stuff, well the climbs I love, the descents suck for me as my knees don't like descending at pace. See below some youtubings.

Durace 10 speed Karate Monkey

Fellow Voodoo Lounger Neil gifted me his crashed Durace 10 speed shifters the other day. They have adjustable reach and the cables go in tight against the bars unlike previous versions which stick out in the air. They look great and feel good. The seem to have a deeper hood area than the older 9 speeds they replaced. Thanks Neil!