Monday, February 06, 2012

The Hilton

We got to the black ball hilton at about 8.40 . The kitchen was closed but the chef prepared us some wicked sandwiches. Very nice. Butts getting a bit sore today. We have been very lucky. Seems to be tail wind most of the time, or if its head wind its down hill ! Porters pass was a beauty, really steep and we got some nice scenic riding around lake moana. It was good to get off the main road. Will prolly shoot for murchison tomorrow. Was another 200 kms today. Waiuta tomorrow so that could be fun !

Lunch stop

We are at arthurs pass gorging out. Heading for blackball. Photo below of our accom last night7

our digs

its like a mansion in there. Plenty of awesome dry pine needle bed space. Stopped now at sprngfield cafe. Its spitting a bit. Wicked food at this cafe!