Sunday, February 05, 2012


What a tuff day. Map directions were wrong thru mcdonald downs so we lost about 20 mins. Quite wet in the wharfdale, felt cheated as there was heaps of climbing but all the descent was on open 4wd. I got stung in the eye by wasp but luckily it didnt swell up. Got into sheffield at 10pm, nothing open. Washed in toilets outside pub and now kipping down under hedgrow opposite pub. Its a mint spot. Dry and warm and room for all 5 of us. Me, jonty, matt, alex and andy. Will try to get some brekkie at the next town tomorrow.


Just got to springfield. Everything closed.
Photo of us getting close to the wharfdale.

Breakfast at hanmer

Chicken satay pie, choc milk, latte and chocolate croissant. At culverdan now, waiting for 4 square to open.


Had a good one. Dry and warm. Managed to wash all our kit last night so at least our clothes are fresh !