Friday, August 27, 2010

Random stuff.

Some cool stuff for the week. Ex Olympian and NZ Yet importer, Kashi Leuchs has unveiled his mount for the singlespeed Worlds in Roto-vegas in october. Its a Big-top 29er. See the photo here by Derek Morrison. He reckons he will have some more in the country for sale soon.

Some more info on the Big-top 29er.

To see what others are riding at the Singlespeed worlds, go here:

Kashi puts the bike through its paces down south.

Found this link in CAN's mail-out.
- Cycling is an evil United Nations plot, says US politician

PNP MTB champs round one this weekend. 90 pre-entries already!

But check out this for a wicked adventure ride the following weekend! 170kms adventure ride for you and 3 of your lucky buddies. Ride to Erehwon,

 VEGAN Bacon! Hmmmmmmmm