Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fear and loathing on the inflamation highway

214kms today but all gravel and tarseal. Some good tailwind thru the otira but a minor bonk for me on the viaduct. Legs are pretty sore and everyone has sore botty bits. An early nite tonite as we are camping in a domain near oxford close to start of wharfdale track. The next two days will be big ones.


Grabbing kai at springfield

Discussing whether or not to push on or not. Lots of sore bits today!


Big day

About 220 kms with the gnarliest terrain yet at waiuta. I pity the people that tried to do it in the dark. Big river was awesome and made me glad I was on a fully, not that I was even descending as fast as nutter jonty on his cross bike. We got into the ikamatua pub for a pie and beer at 9.30pm where we met patron who knew my parents and grandmother from 50 plus years ago. 30kms later we had booked into the blackball hilton and were having a beer with trev, barryn and charlotte. All the other riders already in bed. Your body kind of tells u what it needs and for most its chocolate milk, crisps and pies. Fish n chips good too. No xt network here so will try post on the next leg.