Saturday, September 12, 2009

A tale of two bloggers

I was looking at this site that I had been told about the other day. Having been out of the MTB loop for a while I completely missed its launch. . Its a very very cool site that tries to show all the MTB tracks around New Zealand.

I thought I would see who was involved in it, and clicked on a few links to find that one of the developers was a guy (Jonny) I used to race with a bit back in the good old days. The cool thing was that he has a blog, ( ) about his life in the US where he currently lives with his family.

That made me think of an american couple whose blog ( ) I had seen about their new life in Nelson after shifting from Oregon (Don and Angela). I found their site incredibly interesting, and some of the things they come out with are quite funny considering the reasons why they made the move from the US to the sleepy hollow of Nelson.

What is really interesting is that Jonny and Helen are doing the complete opposite in their move to California. They have moved to the big smoke, family in tow, while Don and Angela are not having children to lighten the load on the Planet! I figure that's why they have more time to post on their blog, no sprogs in the way.

If we didnt have blogs we wouldnt know what people think about our respective countries. Its the little things that I find the most interesting to be honest. But some things you just cant help wonder about.

I want to know how in a country with an estimated 50 million people without health cover, there are people protesting and calling the president a nazi, while strutting around with fire arms, in response to his proposal for some kind of a public health system!

I will ash Jonny if he can give me a laymans view on what these people are thinking, or feeling threatened about. I don't think its been well enough covered in NZ, we just seem to be focusing on the extremeness of it, without any explanation for why these people are nutting off.