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 Boganduro preliminary results

Thanks heaps to the folks that turned out today. We had great conditions. No rain. Not too hot. Excellent company. 10 riders I think. 2 of them didn't do the Strava thing. 
Strava was a bit weird messing up our first segment which should have been around 20 mins but ended up being 30, and when I shortened it, it deleted Calums time! Another version brought him back. 
Unfortunately there wasn't anything I could do to get Greg's time to appear in the next Downhill stage through Battle Hill Forest. In the next climbing stage it was Calum and Greg again way out front. 
The PNP guys left Bull Run in good condition for us, and a few of our number showed big heart by hitting this "new to them" trail cold, with serious vigor, including Greg who did some OTB soil sampling. It was cool to introduce some new trails to some of these guys.
It was relatively easy to set up the course using existing Strava segments and a couple of other programs to edit and combine them. Get in touch with me if you want to know how to do it.
See below some photos and links. I think we can conclude that Calum was 1st but cycling was definitely the winner on the day.

Its 20% here. According to Strava. Puketiro road, you'll love it. Bring some gears!


Video of some Battlehill descent >>
Video of some Puketiro Road Climbing >>

Boganduro fly-by here:

Strava leader board, where it worked, where anyone was using it !

The 13:25 for Calum is the Puketiro Road Climb, the original time for the segment if not for the aliens in the strava would have been around 19-20 mins. The 3:58 is the Battle Hill Descent. The 24:21 is the Belmont Road Climb and the 5:30 is the extended Bull run descent.

Some photos on my Instagram here:


Post 2: Scroll down to read more.

The latest NEW stuff is here now (just below).

*Course GPS (GPX file) here:
*Course notes here. (Dropbox)
*A large map here.  (Dropbox).
A large live zoomable map here:  (Web)

*Read comments below on Dropbox.


The full ride on Strava can be seen here:

The Strava timed segments are shown here.

* WARNING. Dropbox have deliberately made the download procedure confusing so that people THINK that they need to join up and login to dropbox. You do NOT need to.

When the big white login button appears, click the small grey X in the top right, and continue on, repeating what you have already done.

Once the file is saved you can Drag n drop the file onto your GPS or smart phone. I don't know what you do if you have an Iphone but I heard recently that Apple were going to invent "drag n dropping" of files. Fingers crossed!

There are plenty of phone apps that allow you to view a GPS file. The one I use is called New Zealand Maps.

There is another map here which gives you a good idea of the course, but it is temporary.

Youtube of the Bull Run track here. This is the only technical part of the course. Slow down if you are not a confident rider. There are only a couple of small drops but the course may be cut up by the time the PNP riders have been through, if it rains.  Another version of it here with better lighting.

Looking at your segments
After you have finished your ride you can upload the file using Strava. Go to the Boganduro segments under your results, look under the "LEADERBOARDS" for "Todays" results.


Post 1:  Introductory #BOGANDURO details below.

The Boganduro is a casual gravel grinder in the Grinduro format with self-timing based on the STRAVA app installed on your phone.

This is a chance to catch up with your buddies and have a good old chin-wag, and if you are up for it, lay down the hurt on a couple of climbs or downhills, if thats your thing.

It will be on gravel where possible, with around 1600 metres of climbing. The Boganduro starts in Wellington, or the Hutt Valley, and takes in Battle Hill and Belmont Regional Parks.

Starting point:
Wellington Train station. 8am and
Petone Wharf 8:40am, Sunday November 12th.

Cost: Free
Food availability: Pauatahanui Cafe / Dairy enroute.
Bail-out points: Judgeford, return to Hutt Valley via Haywards on the road.

It's fully self supported, bring tools and a couple of spare tubes and kit.

Be prepared for all weather and to ride for up to 96 kms max, but around 74kms if you are only starting in the Hutt.

Use #boganduro to share  related bumpf in your social media if that takes your fancy.

To give you an idea of the terrain, here are the STRAVA timed segments that will be on the course. My suggestion is that you will want at least 35mm tires.

I have done a couple of reccies on the 3 of the 4 sectors of the #Boganduro. The downhill segments are both mint, and the climbs are... climby : ) the major climb (Puketiro/Cooks Road) you should be able to do in a 1 to 1 gear, so a 32/32 or similar, but YMMV. Strava tells me that there is at least 1 km at 20% on this first sector, but overall it is 8%.

96 kms from Wellington to Wellington

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