Thursday, January 09, 2014

More wonderful than you can believe it

X-fusion Velvet RL2
In the world of cycling we are bombarded with more BS than we can deal with with regard to so called improvements in bicycle design, which in my opinion often serve only to further complicate what was in its original format an elegantly simple thing.

Extended seat-tubes, multiple bottom bracket standards, multiple head-set tapers and 11 speed clusters with crazy chain-lines.

The bicycle is going the way of the luxury yacht and when hydraulic brakes on road bikes became standard the average punter will be taking his bike into the shop for all maintenance I guess.

It was a real surprise to hear the other day that a company has finally started doing what they should have been doing for years, creating forks that will work on multiple wheel sizes. The X-fusion brand are building several forks that cover multiple sizes.  27.5 to 29 inch forks, and 26 to 27.5 forks.

Whether we really need a 27.5 I don't truly know, but when I finally had a gutsful of the worst Rockshock I had ever known, and I have owned 4 different models, I picked up a new X-fusion Velvet RL2 from Jville Cycles.  It comes with a straight steerered version AND a 9mm axeled version so its win-win for luddites like me. It also comes with the ability to set it (internally) to 100mm, 120mm and 140mm travel, plus have an internal adjustment for 27.5 wheel sizes. One fork fits all : )

So far I have loved it. Set with 120mm of plush travel it is very confidence inspiring, and I have spent the last couple of rides with a 27.5 loaner wheel from Francis on the front. Even without making the internal adjustment for the 27.5 wheel size it is really good, and you cant beat the price.

Running a standard 26 inch on the front at 120mm.
With 27.5 (650B) wheel on the front at 120mm, without internal adjustment for it in place.


Neutronium said...

your title caught my eye, I was wondering where you heard it, I used to work in bike shops back in the 80s and 90s, it was in a Chinese or Taiwanese bike parts catalog, along with "your fingers will not believe the smooth"

El jefe said...

Heh heh. Yeah, that's where I saw it, in bike-mag ads. It used to crack me up.