Sunday, March 17, 2013

Are Mcdonalds going vegan ?

People in cycling and triathlon circles in Wellington are used to seeing the Organic Athlete "Go Vegan!" kit that my buddy Matt wears a lot when on the bike.

Go Vegan !
Imagine his surprise in learning he is the new poster-boy for Mcdonalds in Wainuiomata! 

It looks a lot like someone has done a mural on the Wainuiomata Mcdonalds drive-through using an image taken without permission from my blog. So of course Matt is wearing his "Go Vegan!" kit on the side of Mcdonalds! 

Maybe Mcdonalds are planning a new Vegan range of burgers and Matt is the new face of the campaign?

Mcdonalds drive-through in Wainuiomata.

The original photo before it was flipped.


























STOP PRESS! While riding over in the Wainuiomata Trail Park today we checked out Mcdonalds and were pleased to see the offending "mural" was gone! That's great news. 24/03/2013

But wait, there's more ! Front page in the Hutt News and briefly Stuffs website front page too. 26/03/2013


Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran said...

Ha! Sue 'em, and then settle with a compromise that they must serve vegan options at all locals using your unauthorized visage, eh? =oD

Anonymous said...

You should really chase them for some compensation for using that image, minimum NZD$500. Don’t be shy, head office should be embarrassed that the image was stolen!

Unknown said...

I agree,send them an invoice for use of the image. Chase them up for payment!

Unknown said...
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Stephen said...

+3,that's infringement my friend,and against the law-make them cut you some gain as well as give some credit on/around the mural...

The DC