Friday, February 12, 2010

Destination voodo lounge

Happy to be not doing another 200 today. We have had a great adventure. Never rode before 7am or after 11pm, and had big food breaks. Yesterday was different in that we only stopped for about 20 mins accumulated over the 11hrs. Its been a real boys own adventure and we all thank our spouses for letting us go. Time for breakfast.



sifter said...

Great stuff Jeff! I bet you enjoyed having the fully through the Molesworth!

El jefe said...

yeah, the fully was great. I wouldnt change a thing, except get some of that awesome butt-paste that Jonty was using from the Drakes. I found out by mistake that sun-block worked better than my one.

Oli Brooke-White said...

Well done jeff. Inspiring stuff, so thanks for sharing your tales.