Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sheep are people too ya know!

Dont you hate it the way all people can think of when you say you live in NZ, is how many sheep we have? I mean, crikey, theres more to us than that!

Oh yeah. Check the latest member of our family. I call him mint sauce but my daughter calls him pepper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
are you in Normandale?
Did you get one of our Flying Pickle leaflets this week? If not, check out

You've got a great blog. It would be awesome to see a few pots by you on our site and we'll get it into print as well for the wider community.

Do you think they should open up the track for MTBs from Oackleigh in both directions and from the dam below to Stratton St entrance?
I know bikers use those tracks anyway. Never been a problem.


El jefe said...

Nope, I am in Belmont Max. I think its good if the walkers can have some tracks to themselves. I really like running on that track you mention. Good work with your site. I thought about it once for Belmont but already had too much to do. I know Wordpress is good, but the advantage of Blogspot is that its owned by Google so your posts are highly ranked in Google searches! Cheers, Jeff

Liz said...

Hi Jeff..enjoy yr blog..catch you at the worlds?

El jefe said...

Yep! I will be there! It would be nice to get some time on a wooden track of the right length before hand though! We Just had a family holiday at Rotorua where they had a nice concrete 333 metre one. Jeff