Sunday, September 06, 2015

Woodward Mounty double-barrel-bottle-mount


Trev's mount is now available online here through Cyclewerks >>


Trevor Woodwards revolutionary Woodward Mounty double-barrel-bottle-mount.

Barryn with 1.5 lires of Garage Project on board in the middle
spot. Barryn is approximately 7.5 feet tall and has no issues.  
You can also mount another bottle in the middle. Potentially a very big bottle.  You can have all your bottles in the one place!  My current thinking is that I will use this and a frame bag. Otherwise I will be radiator-hose-clipping cages on the top tube and under the down tube for TourAotearoa .

As far as getting in the way goes, it is almost identical to a top-tube bag. If you don't like the way your leg can lightly brush a bag when you stand up and hammer it may not be for you. I will always brush my top-tube bag before I brush the bottles in Trev's mount. Everyone has different leg lengths though. The only time I DO notice it, is when commuting and I stop and wait at the lights, and sit on my top-tube a bit askew. It might be worth borrowing one to try it just to be sure though. Trev is asking 40$ for this bespoke factory-free item.


Stan said...

Any idea how to get my hands on one of these living in Canada?

El jefe said...

Not really Stan. Maybe if you have a buddy visiting we could mail one to where he is gonna be. Jeff

Stan said...

I'm happy to pay for shipping to Canada... is that an option?

El jefe said...

Email me via here Stan.