Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The longest day

Its been the longest time since I posted anything. Life is busy. We managed to throw together a small team to do Tama's Longest Day Arthritus awareness ride late last year. Myself, Peter Reynolds, and Cleetus - who had not been on a bike for 2 months courtesy of his overseas travel agenda. There was big emphasis on coffee stops and checking out the views. It was a very leisurely day and we checked out a lot of trails we'd never been on, courtesy of Pete, who used to work on the rubbish trucks back in the day when it was the trendy thing for elite athletes to do when they wanted to harden up. There are little trails and roads all over the show in Welly-town that you wouldnt know about.

Cleetus hands out the smack to Pete, without pedalling

Cafe stop at Lyall Bay

Mt Vic closer to the evening

Some nice tagging.

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