Monday, March 21, 2011

The Karapoti Blogs - a Wellington angle

Sifters story. You can feel the grit in your eyes....

Lynskey, the diary of a retro singlespeeder.
Really good if you want to know what it was like at the pointy end of the SS league. A good ripping yarn.

Oli's photo-essay. A picture tells a thousand words.

Hamish Norton - Newbie SSer
An ex hard-core trackie, personal trainer and all round nice guy. Got mixed up with a bad crowd and only made two bad moves. Buying a single speed, and riding it around Karapoti! Not doing the Karapoti cos its muddy is a bit like not doing Iditarod cos it snowed eh ? Hamish inspires.

Bushlove Racing.

Bush, racing, and mud.

Ken Feist

Hardcore CXer - Brutal, free-ride even, no, those are not arm-warmers!

Alex Revel
A new 29er for Yeti's Yeti.

Stu Houltham

National Champ, more than once.

Wayne Hiscock

World Famous in Upper Hutt.

Calum Chamberlain

Was studying seismology in the shakey isles. Timing is everything.

This blog!

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