Saturday, April 03, 2010

I remember when....

I set off on a ride today in the Wainu Trail park. I threw in my phone in case I was needed. I thought I would take my radio too in case there were some cool tunes on Active, as there were the last ride I did (check out Sola Rosa and Bajka on Youtube). A camera would be good also as I was going to take some pix of Mr Cleetus's Gryphon Singular. Video would help too, as some of those new trails are pretty cool, especially the Snail Trail. I thought I might also blog about it while I was out there, so I thought I would take the Computer too......
Bugger. My bag was getting heavy.

Luckily I had my (product placement ;) Sony Ericsson W508 !

Scary what you can pack into one little piece of plastic. This little baby allowed me to Blog, Tweet, Email, and Facebook my way around the South Island during the Kiwi Brevet (where ever there was XT network coverage). It also has very clever (and gimmicky) mp3 and video player, with an excellent radio as well. Plus all the usual cell phone gimmicks. Its no wonder they are number one on the wish-list of your average school kid. The battery life is also very good, as long as you have local networks nearby.

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