Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lunchtime challenge

Pete cranking out 500 metres up !

 This is a simple idea to get people out and about and maybe doing something for their health on April the 3rd 2013. The aim is to collect as much elevation as you can in your 60 minute lunch hour. You have to stop climbing after 60 mins and head back to work !

Don't forget. If you use Instagram then take a shot at your summit and sync it with your Strava.

This is NOT a race. It IS a lunchtime ride in a CLUB. You have to take responsibility for yourself and not take risks or in any way break the law. If you are out training on your "course" already, then you are probably taking it too seriously. Use commonsense. If it is wet - be very very careful, and think about riding off-road.

You will need two things.
1. The Strava app for your phone, Android or Iphone, or an equivalent device that will let you upload to Strava.
2. A 60 minute lunch hour.

I have created a Club you can join called:

It does not have the functionality of an offical Strava Challenge, but we can get a rough approximation due to the good work of a programmer in the US.

What next?
If not already a member of Strava you will need to join Strava.

When you ARE a member, follow this link and click on the Join button, you will now be in our club ! http://www.strava.com/clubs/lunchtime-challenge

Because this is just a club it will record all the rides you do, from this point on. The cool thing is, we can look at the results of the "Club" via this webapp built by Chris Davies in the States. See here:

Because this is a work in progress new functionality has been added even today by Chris. He has just programmed in the ability for us to look at our "Club" content day by day. How? Just append the relevant date to the end of the link:
http://clubride.cd34.com/#!/24006/2013-03-19  How cool is that?

Here is the way to record your ride on April 3rd. Either put on a timer to stop you after 60 minutes of climbing, or "crop your ride" after you have uploaded it.

Ok, now get planning your route !!