Monday, February 03, 2014

Day 3 kiwi brevet

Action packed! Left big river at 6am and didn't get to see too much of the beautiful Waiuta as it was a bit dark. Fueled up at Ikamatua. We were watching some weird bike tracks in the gravel near Stillwater. Were all over the road.  Then we saw what looked like a pile of old rags on roadside.  It was Thomas! He had caught up to us in Waiuta but missed The Hut! He was sporting a tire held together with insulation tape and he was completely blown. We told him to back track to Greymouth as Nathan Faave had but he Apparenlty didn't.
As we were riding up the viaduct my left pedal broke off. I thought it was game over so started looking at buses. A really nice guy called Ian, who works in the arthurs pass cafe lent me an old toe clip pedal and after tting for 100kms I caught my buddies at the shefield pub!

Bivvying down in the view hill domain under the stars to the sound of Brian Alder snoring.... we left Cliff at the pub so the are only 3 of us left now. Steve Halligan being the other. I passed Nathan Faave on the way to shefield as he was stopped on the road side talking to friends.  Haven't seen him since

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Chester said...

Great result Jeff! I was gutted for you yesterday. Great work catching your mates and well done that man in Arthur's Pass!