Friday, July 27, 2007

The hills are alive...

We discovered this new hill in Wellington the other day, in Wadestown, "Weld St" . Dang it was steep... you cant tell from the photos, but I felt ill riding up it, as short as it was. The last photo is from out near Makara beach. Much less steep, and more scenic.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Assembling kit for Oz masters world track champs

I got an axle kit from HED, to convert this old screw-on clustered disc into a fixed wheel for the track. It worked a treat! It was easy as to set up. I havent tried it out yet, the velodrome is probably a bit slippery at the moment. Hmmm bugger.... have just found a flaw with the HED kit. It only has the one set of threads, and there is not much room for a lock-ring.... which means I cant use the clever Miche styled carrier system I just bought. You can slip a very thin lock-ring on if you are using standard cogs, but its threaded the same way anyway, so its just for decoration. A trick for young players.

My buddy Humpy has lent me his Raceline Record with Miche crankset, so that should be a bit faster than my old "Pex" . A couple of new chains and some bars and I should be rocking.

I will put a negative rise stem on to improve my cda. Its easier than making more watts. I have an idea on what kind of watts I will need to be competitive, and its another 70 watts over what I estimate I made at the nationals. I am not sure how easy it is to grow another 70 watts for 3kms but I will be monitoring my progress closely with the power tap.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New toy just arrived...

Power tap Pro.
Looks a bit like an SL, but its not.
The Saris guys are amazing. They certainly stand by their product. Awesome to know this when you live thousands of miles away from their HQ. These babies look totally different inside to the old yellow model pro. It has little hearing aid type batteries instead of the bigger half AA sized ones.

The weight is very similar to the old yellow pro though, despite the shiney carbon : ) - well, it was on my kitchen scale.